Homelessness is a massive problem here in Brighton & Hove as much of the country. Day by day I notice more and more homeless people on the streets and also more and more young people let down by the Government and the Local Council finding themselves living on the streets or setting up tents in parks.
I have many questions for the council in these troubled times, when funding is so desperately needed.
One being should we be paying the New ‘Assistant Director Of City Environment’ £80,000 a year from our pockets to find the real reasons for the ‘inadequate service’  (in the refuge collection service that they provide!). This is like paying myself to look into why I have no money.
The ruffuge collection system is ‘rubbish’ in Brighton & Hove – I wouldnt be surprised if the council remove this service also..(like the youth clubs, libraries and housing).
With Homelessness on the increase Im sure funding can be re routed from other areas.
We thought it wise to raise this issue in the only way we know how!…..Stickers!… Time for ‘B Right On & Love Council’ to take action – while subtlely questioning the councils priorities and mildly winding up outraged residents..